Like many, Conor fell in love with gaming at a young age and as the years passed on this love only grew, alongside his passion for music. After his four years of Music Education he later went on to earn a specialist certification in Game Audio Design and Production were he learned all the necessary skills to become a professional in today‚Äôs modern age. 

Conor truly enjoys the collaborative process of sharing ideas and working as a team, ultimately so he can help push a game from simply being good, to great. His goal is to create a satisfying gaming experience for each and every player, he wants the listener to be completely immersed in the game world he and the team has created.

He is well versed in composing music for various genres, and loves designing interactive and adaptive audio using middleware when given the chance. Conor is also on a continual quest to improve his skill-set and to learn from others whenever he can.